Photo editor

CodeTwo Active Directory Photos features a built-in photo editor (Fig. 1.).

Active Directory Photos - photo editor single pic
Fig. 1. The photo editor (single photo).

With the photo editor, you can:

  • compare the picture you selected with a live preview of the destination image (that is, the image that will be produced by the program and added to the Active Directory attribute you selected);
  • resize your photo: the program reduces the image quality first (JPEG files only), and then - if necessary - its dimensions;


    You can select a custom file size limit or choose the maximum size allowed by the Active Directory attribute specified in the program. Learn more about AD attribute settings

  • rotate the image.

The editor looks slightly different and gives you additional options when you edit multiple photos at the same time (Fig. 2.):

  • you can switch between all selected photos via the Previous/Next buttons in the upper part of the window;
  • at the bottom of the editor window, there is an option to apply your settings to all selected images. This will save time if you need to edit a large number of photos.

Active Directory Photos - photo editor multi pic
Fig. 2. When you edit several photos at the same time, the editor has more options (highlighted).

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