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Quick Guide to Creating Rules
In CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO the administrator can define rules rules for messages traveling through Exchange. Each rule is a set of Actions that will be performed on these messages. In order for a message to be processed by the application the message must comply with the Conditions. In addition, if this message complies with the Exceptions (i.e. criteria that exclude a message from processing) it will not be processed.

Watch the video below to see how to create a rule in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO in just a few simple steps.

Each rule is created and configured in a few simple steps. Here is what needs to be done in a nutshell:
  1. Create a new rule - click Add in the List of rules pane. Next, provide the name for the rule in Add new rule dialog box e.g. Signature and confirm by clicking OK (Fig.1.).

  2. Create a new rule.
    Fig.1. Creating a new rule.

  3. Configure the rule settings in the following tabs (Fig.2.):

    The rule settings tabs.
    Fig.2. The rule settings tabs.

    1. Overview Tab - this tab is used to provide a comment describing the rule. Also, it will be updated with data from all remaining tabs while you configure them.
    2. Conditions Tab - choose the conditions that will trigger the rule if a message matches the defined criteria.
    3. Actions Tab - in this tab choose the appropriate action to be performed.
    4. Exceptions Tab - this tab is used to define the criteria for the rule that if met by a message should exclude it from processing by the given rule.
    5. Options Tab - this tab is used to define the settings related to how the program uses the rule.

  4. Save the rule by clicking Save in the main window of the program to approve all recent changes. Once the rule is saved it begins to operate.

  5. The Save button.
    Fig.3. The Save button.
Below you will find a list of quick guides that describe step by step how to create different rules and make use of the features available in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO:

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