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Automated attachments
Below you will find a quick guide to creating a rule in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO that will insert attachments automatically on the Exchange server. The end user does not need to remember about adding the attachments to messages.

To create a new rule click Add in the List of rules pane. Next, provide the name for the rule in Add new rule dialog box e.g. Add attachment and confirm by clicking OK.

The new rule Add attachment will appear in the List of rules pane while the right pane will how the rule property tabs. (Fig.1.).

Property tabs for new rule.
Fig.1. Property tabs for Add attachment rule.

The rule tabs i.e. Overview, Conditions, Actions, Exceptions, Options are used to tune how the rule should work. Now you need to perform a few simple steps inside the tabs in order to configure the rule.

Overview. This tab is used to provide a comment describing the rule. Also, it will be updated with data from all remaining tabs as you configure them.

Conditions. In the Conditions tab choose the conditions that will trigger the rule if a message matches the defined criteria. Leave the tab empty, so the rule will apply to all messages.

Actions. The Actions tab is used to configure the work and contents of the Add attachment rule. Click Add and choose Add attachment(s) (Fig. 2.). The right pane will show the action properties.

Choose Add attachment action
Fig.2. Choose the action Add attachments.

The action properties window can be used to provide the location of the files that will be attached to messages. This can be done in two ways:

1. Hot Folder. Choose the Hot folder option from the dropdown menu. All files from a defined hot folder will be attached to messages by CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO.

2. Defined file paths. Choose the Defined file paths option from the dropdown menu and point to the files on the disk that are supposed to be added to messages.

Exceptions. The Exceptions tab is used to define the criteria for the rule that if met by a message should exclude it from processing by the given rule. Because we do not want to define any exceptions, this tab will be empty.

Options. The Options tab is used to configure the settings related to the current rule. For the purpose of this rule, this tab can be left with default settings.

The rule is ready to use. Click Save in the main window of the program to approve all recent changes. Once the rule is saved it begins to operate and all messages will receive the defined attachments.