Add other email sections (header, side banners) to your template

The signature template editor is not limited to email signatures only – you can also design other email sections (such as side banners and headers) and add them to your template.

To manage which email sections should be included in your template, go to the Email layout tab and find the Insert email section group on the ribbon (Fig. 1.).

Editor Email layout - insert email sections
Fig. 1. You can turn individual email sections on/off via the buttons in the Insert email section group.

Click the buttons with section names to turn individual sections on or off. To compose the content of an email section, you need to select it by clicking on it. Go to the Main tab of the signature template editor to compose each section. For a quick tutorial, see the video below.

Video: Learn how to manage email sections in your template.


The availability of email sections depends on the template format you are currently working on (learn more about message formats). For example, side banners can be composed in HTML only.

The editor saves your progress: if you compose an email section and then remove it (by deselecting the corresponding button on the ribbon or via the Remove () button in the upper-right corner of your section), your composition will be restored when you add this section again.

If you added a side banner, you can change the width of the neighboring section(s) by using the arrow (Editor - right arrow (section) Editor - left arrow (section)) buttons that appear within the sections that can be modified (Fig. 2.). If there are no side banners in your template, the other email sections (headers and signatures) have the same width as an email message.

Editor - Changing section width
Fig. 2. Use the arrow buttons to change the width of email sections.

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