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Personalized Disclaimers (Signatures) – containing Active Directory variables
Personalized disclaimers are footers containing placeholders linked to values in Active Directory. These footers may contain detailed data about senders, such as first name, last name, position, department, telephone numbers, which will be different for different senders, as well as the remaining shared details, such as company name, address and Website link. The personalized disclaimer will be automatically filled with data retrieved from Active Directory while the message is being processed by the server. The personalized disclaimer template can be conveniently edited by means of the built-in signature editor. If we are creating the personalized disclaimer template without the aid of the built-in editor, you need to remember to place variables in square brackets. The mail-processing server will convert the placeholders into data retrieved from Active Directory, e.g. the placeholder [first name] becomes the sender’s actual first name, [last name] changes to the sender’s last name, while [e-mail] turns into the sender’s e-mail address, to name a few examples.

Sample personalized disclaimer in plain text format: The same disclaimer as seen by the recipient with the data already filled:
[First name] [Last name]
Phone: [Phone]
Mobile: [Mobile]
E-mail: [E-mail]
Consider the natural environment 
before printing this e-mail
John Doe
Phone. +48 75 646 1001
Mobile. +48 609 555 321
Consider the natural environment 
before printing this e-mail.

The table below contains the full list of variables that may be used in disclaimers. Each variable corresponds to a specific value in the Active Directory database. The table has been divided into sections representing tabs in the user properties of the Active Directory Users and Computers console.

General tab
[First name]
[Last name]
[Display name]
[Web page]
Address tab
[P.O. Box]
[Postal code]
Telephones tab
[Home phone]
[IP phone]
Organization tab
Exchange Advanced tab
(Exchange Custom Attributes, extensionAttribute1 - extensionAttribute15)

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