Why should you choose our software?

Why should you choose our software?

Over the past 12 years, we have built a brand that is recognized internationally for its high-quality software solutions and excellent customer service. Find out why so many companies decided to rely on our products.

Simplicity is everything for us

is everything

What gives our products a leg up on the competition is that no matter how complicated actions they perform, they are amazingly easy to use. It's part of our mission to deliver clear, logical, intuitive, efficient and reliable software. Learn more about our products.

Microsoft Gold Partner - Outlook and Exchange are our second nature

Microsoft Gold Partner – we know MS platforms like the back of our hand

As a Microsoft Partner, we've attained Gold competencies in Application Development and Cloud Platform as well as the title of Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year 2019. This mirrors our high expertise in developing solutions based on Microsoft technologies. This also ranks us among the top-notch specialists in creating solutions for Office 365 and Exchange on-premises.

Why us - reliable and secure

and secure

Our programs are integrated with security solutions provided by Microsoft and have failover mechanisms in place, which makes them extremely secure and efficient. The safety of data processed both locally and in the cloud is also ensured by our ISO/IEC 27001 & 27018-certified Information Security Management System and the fact that we are fully compliant with the GDPR.

Highly trained Technical Support on site

Highly trained
Technical Staff

We do not outsource Technical Support. Our technical specialists are based in our HQ, in close contact with all our software developers. If you happen to have a difficult case, it is moved directly to the people who created the program.

We thoroughly test our software

We thoroughly
test our software

Our tools are regularly tested by highly trained specialists and developers and are continuously subject to comprehensive automated tests.

24-hour Customer Support in 2 languages

24-hour Customer Support
in 2 languages

You get 24-hour Customer Support, 5 days a week, through email or a toll-free phone. We provide assistance in 2 languages: English or German. Learn more about our Customer Support.


Almost a million users

Millions of users

There are over 77,000 companies from 150 countries all over the world utilizing our software every single day. Our clients include some of the largest and most recognizable companies, such as Shell, Unicef, The Supreme Court of the United States, and more.

Award-winning software

Award-winning software

Our programs have been featured in Gartner, Forbes, Newsweek, IT Pro, CNET, Infoworld, The Guardian, and more. A case study on the successful implementation of our solution is also available on Microsoft Customer Stories website.

In-house software

In-house software

We design and develop our software entirely at CodeTwo's premises. We do not outsource development projects to any other companies. Our Customer Service is also based in our HQ. The technical support team works right next to our developers and stays in direct touch with the product teams.