This software has been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.
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Upgrading to the latest version
While upgrading CodeTwo Public Folders to the latest version, remember to first upgrade the Syncing Master and then go on to upgrade all Outlook Add-ins installed in the network. If you fail to perform this operation, the data on some computers may not synchronize as the older (or newer) version of the add-in will not be able to connect to a newer (or older) version of the Syncing Master.

Upgrading CodeTwo Public Folders on a selected computer is very simple. Just download the latest version of the installer from our website and run it. The whole upgrade procedure will proceed automatically and requires no further steps.

If you are already using the full, activated version of the program, do not worry - after upgrading the program will stay activated and you will not need to reactivate it. All data and settings in the program will be kept too.

On running the installer file on the computer that already hosts an older version of CodeTwo Public Folders the following screen will display (Fig. 1):

Aktualizacja programu CodeTwo Public Folders do nowszej wersji
Fig.1. Upgrade screen of CodeTwo Public Folders.

To upgrade the Syncing Master, click Upgrade Syncing Master button. If you want to upgrade the Outlook Add-in, click Upgrade Outlook Add-in button.

And that's it. The program will update on this computer.

Remember that upgrading the program to a newer version that has a different initial number may be payable, for example an upgrade from 3.x to 4.x. Point upgrades (within the same version number e.g. from 4.0 to 4.5) are free of charge. The current information on upgrading and pricing can be found in the pricing section for this application.

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