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CodeTwo Public Folders Toolbar
After installing the Outlook Add-in, a new CodeTwo Public Folders toolbar will be added to Outlook toolbar (Fig.1):

CodeTwo Public Folders toolbar in Online mode CodeTwo Public Folders toolbar in Offline mode
Fig.1. CodeTwo Public Folders toolbar (in Online and Offline mode)

By default the toolbar is displayed, but you may choose to hide it by right-clicking Outlook toolbar. In the shortcut menu that displays, uncheck CodeTwo Public Folders. Follow the same steps if you want to bring the toolbar back.

The toolbar includes the following buttons:

Online Mode Online Mode (connected to Syncing Master)
Offline Mode Offline Mode (disconnected from Syncing Master)
Connection to Syncing Master status - the user can see whether s/he is Online or Offline.

Show / Hide status window button Show / Hide status window
The synchronization window button. The synchronization window displays every time the Outlook Add-in goes Offline, reconnect to the Syncing Master, as well as during data synchronization. The window disappears automatically after 3 seconds after it appears, but this button allows to restore the window back at any time. The description of the status synchronization window can be found here.

My shared folders button My shared folders
This button lets you manage personal folders shared by other users. Click this button to display a dialog box showing a list of your currently shared personal folders. How to manage your own shared folders can be found here.

Other users' shared folders button Other users' shared folders
This button lets you add and remove other users' shared folders from C2PublicFolders list. Click this button to display a dialog box showing already open shared folders. How to open and close shared folders can be found here.

Show All Public Folders button Show All Public Folders
TThis button lets you go to C2PublicFolders list with a single click. No matter which folder you are currently working in (e.g. Contacts or Calendar) or which view you are using, the Navigation Pane will display the Folder List, the top-level list folder will highlight (C2PublicFolders) and the Reading Pane will display the content of this folder.