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Restoring deleted individual data items in CodeTwo Public Folders
CodeTwo Public Folders features a Syncing Master recycle bin. All items deleted by users in Outlook Add-ins are copied to this folder. Owing to this fact, if data has unintentionally been deleted, it is always available to restore by the administrator.

The items deleted by users are saved by the sever module in Data and DataUsers, folders located in the installation folder for the Syncing Master; by default the path is: C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\CodeTwo PublicFolders Server\DeletedItems. These two folders have the structure resembling the list of folders in C2Public Folders and contain data removed from public folders and data removed from shared personal folders respectively. Each Outlook item is saved in a single MSG file. To restore one or several items, Drag&Drop the selected MSG files from Data or DataUsers folders in the Syncing Master to the C2PublicFolders list in an open Outlook client. If the Syncing Master is not equipped with the Outlook Add-in, copy MSG file(s) to the computer containing the Outlook Add-in and perform the above procedure.

In CodeTwo Public Folders data can also restored from a backup copy, see: Creating a backup copy and restoring data in CodeTwo Public Folders