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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Below we present answers to frequently asked questions and common problems. If you don't find relevant information here, check also in our Knowledge Base.

How to create a new public folder (Outlook 2003/2007)
How to create a new public folder (Outlook 98/2000/XP)
How to share my personal folder with other users
How to open a folder shared by another user
Creating a common company address book
Creating a common inbox
Using the CodeTwo internet demo server and data safety
How to activate the synchronization of read/unread status of messages
Resolving communication problems between Outlook Add-ins and the Syncing Master
Creating a backup copy and restoring data
Restoring deleted individual data items
Unblocking Syncing Master in the system firewall for Windows XP Service Pack 2
Unblocking CodeTwo Public Folders in Norton Internet Security
I have installed the Outlook Add-in but I cannot see the public folders
How to check who created an appointment in a public calendar
When is the data synchronized between the Outlook Add-ins?
Can I have many trees of public folders?
How to synchronize Outlook between two computers?