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CodeTwo Public Folders is an application allowing users to share their data with each other. Both Outlook data, as well as local disk resources, can be easily shared between users' computers regardless of their location. With CodeTwo Public Folders it is possible to get an easy access to Outlook's entries - mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. - and work with them simultaneously, and share any files - documents, multimedia - stored on a user's local disks with others. Thanks to authorization based on a unique login and password and encrypted connection, the data shared by CodeTwo Public Folders is safe.

CodeTwo Public Folders consists of two modules: the Syncing Master and the Client Apps.

Syncing Master

The Syncing Master is the program's database and control panel in one. It stores all data shared between computers - both Outlook's data as well as local files and provides program's settings.

Client Apps

The Client Apps module offers two features: Outlook Add-in, allowing Outlook data sharing and File Sharing, which enables sharing any files stored locally. Both modules are installed together, offering a complete file sharing platform. There are also mobile versions of the Client Apps available.

Outlook Add-in

The Outlook Add-in will let you easily share Outlook calendars, contacts, email, tasks and other Outlook items with multiple users no matter where you are. You can choose to create and share public folders directly under C2PublicFolders tree or share your personal folders. The permissions can be set independently for each folder.

File Sharing App

CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x introduces a number of new features to complete the already existing ones. Next to Outlook data sharing, available in the program's previous versions, it is now possible to share any files stored on a local computer using the File Sharing App. After installing, a new shared folder is created on a user's computer, which is accessible on other computers with CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x installed. Any local files copied to this folder becomes available to other users.

Mobile Apps

The newest CodeTwo Public Folders version 5.5 now supports both Android and iOS mobile devices. From now on you will be able to access your Calendars, Contacts and Tasks from every place on Earth via your mobile device.

Internet sharing

CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x offers sharing Outlook data and local files over the Internet. It is now possible to access the Syncing Master over the Internet, on any computer with CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x installed. Sharing files and Outlook data over the Internet and accessing them from any location on the Internet is now as easy as working on a local computer.

Data safety

CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x introduces three features ensuring users' data safety. First, each user has  a unique login and password, which keeps the shared data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Secondly, all data shared over the Internet is encrypted, which makes sending and receiving the shared files safe. Third of all, unlike cloud solutions, CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x stores all shared files locally instead of hosted servers. This ensures maximum protection and data safety, virtually preventing the shared data from being intercepted.

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