Troubleshooting access to user mailboxes

No matter if you configure EWS connection to source Exchange Server or to source/target Office 365, the last action (test) performed by the program is always checking access to user mailboxes (Fig. 1.). During this operation, the software checks connectivity to users' mailboxes on the specified source/target server.

Exchange Migration actions EWS
Fig. 1. Actions performed when connecting to a source Exchange Server via EWS. The configuration window for source/target connection to Office 365 looks similar.

If the result is negative (Fig. 2.), click on the Details link on the right to see more information. The most common errors and appropriate solutions are described below.

Exchange Migration EWS wizard failure 3
Fig. 2. Failure to access user mailboxes.
  • Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message: The WinRM client cannot process the request.

This error occurs if the domain name in the administrator's email address is misspelled or the corresponding password is wrong. Go to the previous step of the connection wizard and make sure to enter correct credentials.

A similar message is also shown if the EWS URL is wrong. Go to the previous step of the wizard and enter correct EWS URL.

This error can also indicate that administrator's credentials entered in the previous step of the wizard are incorrect or belong to a non-administrative user. To fix the problem, make sure to enter the proper administrator's credentials.

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