Integration with Customer Thermometer

This article shows how to configure CodeTwo Exchange Rules to add one-click surveys provided by Customer Thermometer to your Exchange email signatures.

Customer Thermometer is a service which enables collecting customer feedback via one-click surveys which can be embedded, for example, in automatic email signatures added by CodeTwo Exchange Rules. The service allows displaying personalized landing pages for customers who click on rating buttons. All data is collected in real time so that you can view precise and detailed statistics at all times.

Adding one-click surveys to email signatures managed by CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family gives you many benefits. For example, you can:

  • easily embed customer satisfaction surveys into your centrally managed email signatures in Exchange Server,
  • increase the chance to get feedback with every email sent because of a simple and non-intrusive survey design,
  • use collected data to increase customer satisfaction.

Creating a new one-click survey

The integration procedure has to be started by creating a new Thermometer. This Customer Thermometer User Guide article contains detailed instructions on how to create a new one-click survey which can be used in CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

After you have finished customizing your Customer Thermometer, click the Generate embed code button. In the pop-up window (Fig. 1.) you will see how the survey will look like.

how to add one-click surveys to email signatures1
Fig. 1. Customer Thermometer HTML Preview.

In this view, you can edit your CodeTwo variables. It means that you can include your CodeTwo Exchange Rules placeholders (see the Editor section in this user's manual for the full list of those attributes). Thanks to that, every user will have their personalized links created automatically by CodeTwo Exchange Rules. When you are sure you included all the attributes you wanted, click the Generate HTML button. Then copy the contents of the HTML code for pasting window - you will need this code to configure the rule in CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

If you want to embed the button graphics from the preview window, you need to download them to your local storage. To do that, right-click on each icon, choose Save image as… and choose a location on your drive.

Customer Thermometer in signatures added by CodeTwo Exchange Rules

The following solution requires an Exchange server with CodeTwo Exchange Rules installed. If you are looking for integration with Office 365, go to this article.

The step-by-step guide below presents how to configure the CodeTwo software to add customer satisfaction surveys to emails sent outside the company by any user.

  1. First, start your CodeTwo Exchange Rules Administration Panel and add a new rule. Click the Add button and choose Signature for outgoing email (Fig. 2.).

One-click surveys - Add a new signature rule
Fig. 2. Adding a new email signature rule.

  1. This rule template is automatically configured to add email signatures to emails sent to users outside of your company. On the Actions tab, the Load template button lets you choose an email signature design. When you choose one, click the Edit button (Fig. 3.).

One-click surveys - Edit signature template
Fig. 3. Editing an email signature template.

  1. The WYSIWYG signature editor will open. Here, click </> Source to access the HTML code view (Fig. 4.).

One-click surveys - HTML source view
Fig. 4. Accessing the email signature HTML source code view.

  1. In this view (Fig. 5.), you will need to paste the HTML code from the Customer Thermometer tool. A good place to paste it is right below the <BODY> tag. In this case, the one-click survey will appear below the message and above the signature.

One-click surveys - insert embedded image
Fig. 5. The HTML source code view.

  1. Save the changes in the HTML editor and close it. You should see the Customer Thermometer which you have designed before. At this point, the button icons are linked. If you want to change them to hidden attachments (so they do not have to be downloaded and are not blocked by most email clients), you need to select an icon and click the Picture button available on the top menu (Fig. 6.).

One-click surveys - add embedded image
Fig. 6. The Picture button in the WYSIWYG email signature editor.

  1. In the window that opens (Fig. 7.), you need to choose Local picture and browse for the image you want to use instead of the linked one. You can use the images from your Customer Thermometer if you downloaded them earlier. When you are done, click OK and repeat those steps for all images.

How to add Customer Thermometer to signature 9
Fig. 7. Adding embedded images to an email signature.

  1. Now save the changes in the WYSIWYG email signature editor and in the Administration Panel.

    From this point on, all outgoing emails will have a personalized one-click survey attached to signatures, like in the example below (Fig. 8.).

One-click survey in email signature
Fig. 8. An email signature with a Customer Thermometer.

You can track customer satisfaction by accessing reporting tools in the Customer Thermometer service (Fig. 9.).

How to add Customer Thermometer to signature 12
Fig. 9. Access to reporting tools in Customer Thermometer.

Here (Fig. 10.), you will see the received feedback for any Customer Thermometer you have set.

How to measure CSAT with email signatures
Fig. 10. Sample Customer Thermometer reports.

You can also access detailed reports (Fig. 11.), e.g. to see how each of your employees performed according to the customers they served.

One-click surveys detailed reports
Fig. 11.  Detailed reports for Customer Service.


Note that your detailed reports are customized depending on the placeholders you used when creating a new Customer Thermometer. The more attributes you use, the more detailed your reports will be.

Learn more about reporting in Customer Thermometer

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