Integration with CrewHu

This article describes how to set up CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family to add CrewHu one-click surveys to your Exchange Server email signatures.

CrewHu is an employee recognition software, which makes it possible to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) with one-click surveys. The collected customer feedback can be viewed in the form of reports in the CrewHu dashboard.

Adding one-click surveys to email signatures managed by CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family adds more functions and qualities to emails you send:

  • Each email gives customers an easy way to share their insights. Without traditional, long surveys and any additional actions from your users.
  • One-click surveys give high response rate.
  • Detailed data on your customers' satisfaction is collected and organized in the form of detailed reports in the CrewHu dashboard, for easy analysis.

Creating new users in CrewHu

The first step is to create users in your CrewHu account.

  1. To add a new employee, first log in to your CrewHu account. Then, go to Settings > Employees via the menu on the left (Fig. 1.).

CrewHu menu.
Fig. 1. CrewHu menu.

  1. On the Employees List (Fig. 2.), click the Add button to start adding a new user.

The CrewHu Employees List settings.
Fig. 2. The CrewHu Employees List settings.

  1. You will access the Add Employee view (Fig. 3.). Provide user’s details. The required fields are the user’s NameEmail and Profile (You can choose between Admin, Manager and Employee). You need to pay extra attention to the Email field – CrewHu will send an account activation link to the address you type. Users will need this link to access their CrewHu profiles.

Adding an employee.
Fig. 3. Adding an employee.

  1. Each employee gets their own ID number. The admin who manages signatures in your environment will need the ID of each employee to set up one-click surveys. To obtain the users' ID numbers, select a user in the Employees List screen (Fig. 2.) You will be redirected to a profile page. On this page, you can find a user's ID number in the browser's address bar, as shown below (Fig. 4.). Save the ID number for each user, you will need it later. Then, continue to the My profile page.

Getting a user's ID number.
Fig. 4. Getting a user's ID number.

  1. When you scroll down the My profile page, you will see the email signature snippet (Fig. 5.) Click View/Copy and then </> Source Code to view your one-click survey in HTML.

Integration between ESIG 365 and CrewHu 5
Fig. 5. Email Signature Snippet.

  1. In this HTML source code view, copy the HTML code of the one-click survey by clicking Copy to Clipboard. Save this code (for example, to a notepad text file) because you will need to paste it later into the template editor in CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

CrewHu CodeTwo integration Edit Snippet
Fig. 6. User's ID.

Adding user ID to Active Directory

  1. To add a user ID to Active Directory, go to AD Computers and Users. Use the Windows logo key+R shortcut to access the Run window (Fig. 7.). In this window, enter dsa.msc and click OK.

Access AD Users and Computers
Fig. 7. Accessing AD Users and Computers.

  1. A new window will open. Find the user you created in your CrewHu profile, right-click on the user and select Properties (Fig. 8.).

Editing a user's properties
Fig. 8. Edit user's AD Properties.

  1. In the properties window, click the Attribute Editor tab (Fig. 9.) and find attributes starting with extensionAttribute. Choose one and click Edit.

Edit user's custom attributes
Fig. 9. Editing user's custom attributes.

  1. The Attribute Editor will open (Fig. 10.). Here, you need to paste the User’s ID number you copied from the CrewHu employee's page (Fig. 4.). Now you can accept the changes and repeat the steps for the rest of users you have created in the CrewHu panel - remember to always paste IDs into the same extensionAttribute number for every user.

Editing Exchange custom attributes
Fig. 10. Editing Exchange custom attributes.

Create a signature with CSAT survey for all users

  1. Run your CodeTwo Exchange Rules Administration Panel. Click Add > Signature for all email to create a new email signature rule (Fig. 11.).

Creating a new signature rule.
Fig. 11. Creating a new signature rule.

  1. Go to the Actions tab, click the Add button, choose the Insert signature action from the list, and finally click Edit to edit your email signature template (Fig. 12.).

Opening the editor to create a new signature.
Fig. 12. Opening the editor to create a new signature.

  1. After you've edited your signature template, it's time to add the code of your CSAT survey to the signature. To do so, click the HTML snippet button (Fig. 13.).

Accessing the Insert HTML snippet view.
Fig. 13. Accessing the Insert HTML snippet view.

  1. In this window, you need to paste the HTML code copied from the My profile page in the CrewHu panel (Fig. 6.). Selecting the checkbox at the bottom (Fig. 14.) allows you to convert all images from online to embedded. Thanks to this action, the images will not be blocked by recipients' email clients. Click the Insert button to go back to the editor.

Inserting the CrewHu snippet.
Fig. 14. Inserting the CrewHu snippet.

  1. Back in the editor, right-click on a customer satisfaction rating button and choose Edit link (Fig. 15.).

The Edit link menu item.
Fig. 15. The Edit link menu item.

  1. In the Edit link window, replace the user's ID number (Fig. 16.) with a custom attribute you have configured in thi step 9, for example with {ExchAttr1}. Repeat the last 2 steps (5 & 6) for all the rating buttons.

Inserting the custom attribute placeholder.
Fig. 16. Inserting the custom attribute placeholder.

  1. Finally, place the survey in between the remove text ({rt}) tags (Fig. 17.) This way, the survey will not be added to email signatures if a user does not have their User ID defined. Save the changes.

Adding remove text tags.
Fig. 17. Adding remove text tags.

  1. Below (Fig. 18.) you can see a sample signature with a customer satisfaction survey added. Now that everything is configured, you can freely configure the rating question or buttons.

A sample CSAT survey in an email signature.
Fig. 18. A sample CSAT survey in an email signature.

  1. Now, via your CrewHu dashboard, you can access reports (Fig. 19.), which will show you how your users perform.

CrewHu CSAT reports
Fig. 19. CrewHu CSAT reports.

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