Statistics Of Processed Mail
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 includes a statistics tool that enables storing information about the mail traffic traveling through the Exchange Server. The statistics tool lets you keep track of parameters like By default, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 keeps statistics of Outgoing messages and is set to store messages for 30 days. To change these settings, choose Tools from the top menu, and click Statistics (Fig.1).

Statistics in the Tools menu
Fig.1. Statistics in the Tools menu.

The Statistics dialog box will display (Fig.2) where you can configure this tool.

The statistics tool
Fig.2. The statistics tool.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 lets you turn the statistics on for the following messages:
  • Outgoing
  • Internal and Incoming

    You can choose to turn on the statistics for one type of messages, both or none.

    The statistics tool does not distinguish between incoming and internal messages; they must be treated as one.

    Statistics are saved as text files in CSV format (comma separated values), which can be read by Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications. In Save CSV files in the following folder you can specify the location of the folder storing the statistics. By default, this is the Statistics folder in the installation folder. Each line in a CSV file is related to one message processed by the server. The following information is stored:
    1. Subject
    2. Received date
    3. Sender’s address
    4. Recipient(s)’s address(es)
    5. Message size
    6. No. of attachments
    7. List of attachment file names
    8. Type of message (outgoing or internal/incoming)
    9. List of applied rules

    A new statistics file is created daily. The file name format is YYYY.MM.DD.csv, where Y is the year, M the month, and D the day on which the file was created. This means that each day will have one corresponding statistics file. You can configure the tool to automatically delete old CSV file in Delete files older than option. Just choose the number of days you want the statistics to be kept.

    Field separator is CSV files option lets the user choose the character the program will use to separate data in entries. The semicolon is the default separator.

    The changes made to the statistics will become effective with the next processed message.