Installation and Upgrading
Installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003

The program is designed for computers hosting Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 or Small Business Server 2000/2003 responsible for processing mail in an organization. This version of software is NOT compatible with Exchange Server 2007. If you want to manage signatures and disclaimers in Exchange Server 2007, your choice should be CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007.

The program supports Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003 / SBS operating systems.

The installation of the software is very straightforward and will occupy a maximum of 20 seconds. The installer will ask you to accept the licensing agreement and choose the location for the program files. By default, the program is installed to C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\ExchangeRules\. Remember NOT to install the program on a shared or mapped disk. It MUST be installed on a local disk.

The program is automatically activated upon completion of the installation process. The installation does not require server restart.

During the installation the SMTP service is stopped. It is automatically started when the installation is finished.

Upgrading CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003

To upgrade the old version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003, download and run the installer from the Download page. The same installer is used to install the trial version of the program as well as upgrading the activated full version. The trial version of the program is activated to the full version by using the purchased license key. More about activation.

While upgrading the previous version of the program is uninstalled and automatically the new version is installed in its place. All settings from the previous version will be kept.

Point upgrades (e.g. from 2.0 to 2.1 or from 3.0 to 3.1) are free of charge. However, when upgrading from 2.x to 3.x a charge applies. Check prices. If the new 3.x version of the program is installed onto a paid 2.x version, the program will revert to demo mode unless the 3.x license key is purchased and used.

If the demo version cannot be used for test purposed in your environment, please contact our support team to receive more information on how to remove the limitation.

While applying the upgrade, SMTP service is stopped. After upgrading, a restart of the server is necessary.

Activation of the Trial Version to Full Version

To activate the trial version of the program, the license key must be purchased and used to activate the trial. Read more.

Deployment of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 in Multiple Server Environment

If there are multiple Exchange servers in your organization, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 must be installed on each back-end server. CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 3.0 must not be installed on servers with front-end roles.

If you need to install the program in a cluster environment, you need to equip each node with CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 since each node is treated as a separate machine.

It is critical to remember that CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2003 must NOT be installed on a shared disk. The program must be installed on a local disk on each node.