CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 enables centralized addition of footers to messages processed by Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Small Business Server 2011. The program is installed at the server and this is where the footer insertion takes place; this facilitates the management of signatures/disclaimers for messages. The administrator is no longer burdened with deploying footers separately at each client computer and making sure that the users actually use them. Certainly, client-based footers remain enabled. Should you want to disable them, see this.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 is an ideal solution for all companies utilizing Microsoft Exchange 2010 or Small Business Server 2011 as the mail server.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 is installed directly on the computer hosting Exchange Server 2010 or Small Business Server 2011. More about the deployment and system requirements...

The program lets the administrator define rules to prevent end-users from tampering with the contents of the footers added to messages. A quick guide on creating a disclaimer rule is included at the following address.

Messages can receive various disclaimers and signatures depending on the sender and recipients. The scopes of senders and recipients can be defined by providing full or partial SMTP addresses, as well as the Active Directory groups, users, containers, or attributes. You can configure the rule to add footers directly below the response text or at the very end of the message. You can set the rule to add footers multiple times to the same message every time it travels through the server or once only. Also it is possible to define phrases suppressing disclaimers so that users can turn them off from their client computers when needed. One message can receive more than one footer, depending on the settings. More about rule creation and functioning...

Signatures created with CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 can include personal information about the sender retrieved from Active Directory, such as first name, last name, company, department, phone numbers, postal address, e-mail. CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 features a built-in signature editor, which is extremely handy while creating professionally-looking footers. The editor includes an Active Directory Field button allowing quick insertion of AD placeholders to personal signatures. Also, the editor's tools enable adding HTML formatting, images, tables, etc. More about creating and editing footers....

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 also features the archiving tool for all messages processed by the Exchange Server 2010.

Disclaimers are not added to the messages, containing digital signatures or encrypted, as this would destroy the structure of that message.

In Advanced Topics you will find more information on the settings related to correct handling of national characters and sending messages with delegate rights or SendAs rights.