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If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 version 1.x or older, please consult this User's Manual.

Triggering and suppressing disclaimers
Disclaimers created with CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 are added to outgoing messages at the server without intervention of their authors in mail clients. However, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 offers a solution for users who would like to take control of footer addition for their messages.
To let users trigger and suppress disclaimers, click Triggering and suppressing tab located in the left pane (Fig.1.). The screen with the trigger and suppress options will appear.

Configuring Trigger and Suppressing phrases.
Fig.1. Configuring Trigger and suppressing phrases.

In order to define phrases that will trigger the rule and make the disclaimer be added to the message, click the Add... button located in the top window of the Triggering and suppressing tab. Pick a phrase, decide in which part of the message should it be searched for and either check or uncheck to remove it from the message.
Additionally, you can also set to remove the selected phrase along the white space. Be aware that by choosing a trigger phrase for your rule it WILL ONLY be applied if, depending on your settings, the defined phrase is found in the message's subject, body or both: subject and body (Fig.2.).

Defining a phrase that will trigger the rule.
Fig.2. Defining a phrase that will trigger the rule.

To proceed to specifying phrases suppressing disclaimers (Fig.3.), click Add... in the lower field of the tab (Suppressing phrases).

Specifying phrases suppressing disclaimers.
Fig.3. Specifying phrases suppressing disclaimers.

Add phrase or phrases to the list that are supposed to suppress disclaimers (Fig.3).You can define whether the phrase to suppress disclaimer must be located in the message subject , body or either of them. By default, all instances of these phrases will be removed from the message but you can configure the program to leave the individual phrases in messages by leaving Remove phrase from message unchecked.

You can specify many different phrases suppressing a given footer. If a user includes any of the defined phrase in relevant places, the footer will not be added.

For users to be able to suppress all footers, each of the rules must have its own suppressing phrases. You can activate suppressing phrases for one or several rules - it is not obligatory for disclaimers to have suppressing phrases. The rules with no suppressing phrases defined cannot be suppressed.

To avoid phrases being removed by users unintentionally, the phrase must be unique. The use of underscore (_) may prove useful, e.g. no_footer. Single words in phrases are not recommended.