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If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 version 1.x or older, please consult this User's Manual.

Subsequent rules
The Subsequent Rules feature allows to force the application to process or stop processing other rules if the current one is applied or not. This option lets you add combinations of footers (e.g. signature + disclaimer) to your messages. It can be set while creating a new rule or editing an existing one in Subsequent rules tab (Fig.1). By default, each rule is configured to Stop processing more rules if the current rule has been applied and to Go to next rule if the current one hasn't been applied.

Subsequent rules editor.
Fig.1. Subsequent rules editor.

Stop processing more rules if this rule is applied box is used to configure the program to stop proceeding to next rules or continue processing them. If the box ix unchecked, once the rule has been applied, CodeTwo Exchange Rules will move on to the next rule and will check whether it also matches the massage being sent. If the senders and recipients of the message match the criteria of the next rule, the program will add another footer. Depending on the settings you have, the program can be configured to add multiple footers to one message. An example of a practical application of multiple footers is a situation when you want to add company disclaimers and a personalized signature in one message. In this case your company disclaimer must be higher in the list of rules while keeping the signatures down in the list. The option Stop processing more rules if this rule is applied must be unchecked for all company disclaimers so that the program could include them and proceed to signatures.

If, however, Stop processing more rules if this rule is applied is checked, once the rule has been applied the program will not add any more disclaimers.

The fact that the rule has been applied does not mean that a footer has been added. The rule is considered applied if the message senders and recipients match its criteria. Therefore, even if your message includes a phrase suppressing disclaimers, and hence the footer is not added, this rule has been applied.

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