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If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 version 2.x or older, please consult this User's Manual.

Disclaimers and Signatures Containing Images
HTML disclaimers, which you create with CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007, can include graphics. A classic example of a disclaimer containing images is a footer with the company logo. In a footer you can also include facsimiles, staff member photos, etc. It is not possible to add graphics to disclaimers formatted in plain text.

To quickly and conveniently add images to footer templates, use the built-in signature editor. The most popular image types that are supported, include: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP. The BMP files are very large and therefore you should avoid using them. When CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 inserts a disclaimer containing images into an email, it attaches images to the message as hidden attachments, which are sent together with that message. Thanks to that, images will always be visible on the recipient's side.

The figure below shows an example of a signature including an image (Fig.1.).

Example message including  a signature with an image.
Fig.1. Example message including a signature with an image.

After providing the location of your images, the files are copied to the built-in library so there is no need to manage the files location in the future.

You can also insert an image located on a WWW server, but doing this does not guarantee that the image is visible to the recipient. This is due to the fact that some mail clients will block external content that may represent a threat.

In order to automatically insert employees' photos into the company footers you can make use of CodeTwo Active Directory Photos. To get more info concerning this free tool click the following link.