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If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 version 2.x or older, please consult this User's Manual.

Replication of rules
To send the replicated rules to remote servers expand the Connect to button in the program's main toolbar and click Replicate settings to remote servers (Fig.1.).

Opening replication settings.
Fig.1. Opening replication settings.

In the screen that opens (Fig.2.) choose the servers group or create a new one. To do that, click Manage... located next to the field with servers included in the group and create a new group (Fig.3.).
Replication options.
Fig.2. Replication options.

Computer groups management window.
Fig.3. Computer groups management window.

To add servers to a new or existing group of replication, choose the group and click Add... button in the Replicate settings main window (Fig.4.).

Adding servers to the replication group.
Fig.4. Adding servers to the replication group.

At the bottom of the Replicate settings main window, you can set the TCP Port and authorise user to be able to control replication on the remote server (Fig.5.).

TCP Port and user authentication settings.
Fig.5. TCP Port and user authentication settings.

In order to replicate the rules according to the settings click the Replicate button (Fig.6.)

Confirming the replication.
Fig.6. Confirming the replication.