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If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 version 2.x or older, please consult this User's Manual.

Remote Access
It is possible in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 to manage the program remotely.
Remote Access allows you to configure the program without physical access to Exchange Server. For example, the server installation can be controlled from another non-Exchange server or even a desktop computer. This means the Administrator can allow the Marketing Department to remotely configure the rules related to an advertising campaign and compose the banners that will be added by the program on the server. It is possible to set specific access rights for individual users and groups for enhanced control of the modifications that can be introduced by non-admin users.

In order to remotely connect your desktop to a server it is necessary to download and install the desktop version of the program on your machine. To do that, click the following download link.

To enable and configure the remote management of the program click Settings on the main toolbar and choose Remote access (Fig.1.).

Remote access window.
Fig.5. Remote access window.

To enable the remote connection to the administration panel check the Allow remote connections to this machine box. Then choose the port used to share the rule configuration. By default the port is set to 5020.
Next, specify users or group members that will be able to connect to the administration panel by clicking Manage access rights. In the dialog box that shows, click Add... and choose between Domain user..., Domain group... and External user... (Fig.2.).

Remote access permissions window.
Fig.2. Remote access permissions window.

To authanticate a user who is neither a domain member nor belongs to any of its groups click External user, provide the name and password and choose OK (Fig.3.).

Defining the external user.
Fig.3. Defining the external user.

To configure the selected users' permissions to the program's administration panel check Full access or Custom access permissions. In the custom option you can decide whether to grant users rights to see, edit, remove or create new rules (Fig.4.).

Setting users permissions.
Fig.4. Setting users permissions.

To accept changes click OK and save the permissions by clicking the Save button located in the toolbar of the program's main window (Fig.5.).

Saving the introduced changes.
Fig.5. Saving the introduced changes.

Remember that the only way to connect your desktop to a remote server is downloading and installing the desktop version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 on your machine directly from this download link.