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If you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 version 2.x or older, please consult this User's Manual.

To change settings of the program including Message splitting, Sent Items Update, Log files, Remote access and Transport Agent click Settings located in toolbar of the program's main window. The following window will appear (Fig.1.)

The Settings window.
Fig.1. The Settings window.

Message splitting option enables to split messages sent to multiple recipients when different rules need to be applied to different recipients. To enable message splitting check the box provided (Fig.2.).

Message splitting configuration.
Fig.2. Message splitting configuration.

Sent Items Update enables end users to see in their mail client how the messages look after processing by CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 and how they appear at the recipient's machine (Fig.3.).

Sent Items Update configuration.
Fig.3. Sent Items Update configuration.

Log files contain diagnostic information that can be used if the program deviates from its intended behavior Fig.4..

Log files window.
Fig.4. Log files window.

Remote access allows you to configure the program without physical access to Exchange Server. For example, the server installation can be controlled from another non-Exchange server or even a desktop computer. The Administartor can set specific access rights for individual users and groups for enhanced control of the modifications that can be introduced by non-admin users (Fig.5.).

Remote access window.
Fig.5. Remote access window.

In order to remotely connect your desktop to a server it is necessary to download and install the desktop version of the program on your machine. To do that, click the following download link.

Transport Agent feature is used to install or uninstall the Transport Agent (Fig.6.).

Transport Agent window.
Fig.6. Transport Agent window.