Understanding CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

About the program

The program will allow you to create email signature rules that will add signatures to emails sent via Office 365, using any device and email client.

The program’s backend, the CodeTwo Email Azure Service, resides on Microsoft Azure servers and is responsible for processing your emails and stamping them with signatures. This is also where your rules and settings are kept. The Manage Signatures App, which is used to create rules and design signatures, is a ClickOnce app. It is installed locally and features a self-updating mechanism.

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To launch the program, you will have to provide your global admin login details. Rest assured that your login and passwords are safe, as we use Azure's OAuth 2.0 authorization, which means we do not receive or store your credentials. During the registration process, the program will ask you to create connectors that will reroute emails sent by users of your choosing through the CodeTwo Email Azure Service. In other words, you do not have to create connectors for all users, but only for selected users in your organization.


Please bear in mind that it might take a while to cache your Active Directory data onto the CodeTwo Email Azure Service after you set up the program. Connectors should work approximately after 15 minutes, but for the transport rule, which is also created during the setup, it can take up to 1 hour until it goes live.

If you have other transport rules already configured in your Office 365 tenant, you need to be aware that they may affect the functionality of our software, and vice versa. It might be required to change the order of transport rules, add some exceptions to the existing ones, or even stop processing further rules once a particular rule is applied.

Hybrid environments

In hybrid environments our software will process only emails going through EOP servers. In environments with centralized mail transport, messages might be delivered to on-premises Exchange servers and they will not pass through the CodeTwo Email Azure Service, which means these messages will not receive signatures. In such a scenario, you may use CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro installed on your on-premises Exchange server.

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