Template Library

Instead of creating a new signature or disclaimer from scratch, you can choose a predefined template and adjust it to your needs. The ready-made templates are stored in the Template Library, which can be accessed from the Manage Signatures App. You can load and edit the existing templates or create new ones, also from your existing signatures (learn more).

The templates are stored per-tenant in Microsoft Azure. This means that the Template Library of your Office 365 tenant is available on any machine on which you install the Manage Signatures App and log in as an authorized user belonging to this tenant.

To load a signature template from the Template Library, select a signature rule and click the Load template button located on the Design tab of the Manage Signatures App (Fig. 1.).

ESIG for O365 app Design - Load template

Fig. 1. Accessing the Template Library from the Design tab.

The Template Library opens in a new window (Fig. 2.).

  • You can add new templates and manage the existing ones by using the options available on on the toolbar. If you need to design a new template based on any existing one, use the Clone button.
  • You can also create new folders to group selected templates. To move your template, simply drag and drop it to a desired folder.
  • To load a signature template, select it from the list and click OK. The template will replace your current signature in the signature rule that you're editing.

ESIG 365 Template Library loaded
Fig. 2. The Template Library.

If you want to manage your templates without modifying your current signature rule, you can also access the Template Library by using the More (ESIG for O365 More button) button in the upper-right corner of the Manage Signatures App.

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