Signature management

The software can add signatures on the server's side (when emails pass through CodeTwo Email Azure Service) or directly to email clients. This section allows you to gain a better understanding of how the signatures are added. You can also find information about signature-related functionalities such as the signature template editor or signature previewing in Outlook.

See next

  • Signature modes – learn about different ways in which the software can add signatures.
  • Manage Signatures App – find out more about the application used to create signature rules and how to grant access to it.
  • Conditions and exceptions – learn how to control when signatures should be added to emails.
  • Design – manage how your signature templates look like and how they appear in email conversation threads.
  • Signature preview in Outlook – find out how to use the signature preview add-in in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook for Mac and Outlook on the web (OWA).

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