Overview of the Admin Console

To start managing signature rules you need to launch the Admin Console as described in this article. In the main window of the program (Fig. 1.) you have access to:

  • a list of signature rules with options to: add new rules (ESIG for O365 rule add 14px), save changes (ESIG for O365 rule save), change the order of rules (ESIG for O365 rule move downESIG for O365 rule move up), delete them (ESIG for O365 rule delete) and enable/disable them (ESIG for O365 rule switch);
  • tabs which allow you to configure signature rules (Overview, Senders, Keywords, Email direction, Design and Options);
  • buttons to sign out (ESIG for O365 logout button), enter Program Settings (ESIG for O365 settings button 14px) or access the built-in template library and display additional information (ESIG for O365 More button).
Main window of the admin console.
Fig. 1. Main window of the Admin Console.

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