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CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 lets you create signature rules by using the Manage Signatures App. Each rule you design contains a signature template and defines the conditions and/or exceptions required to add a signature to your emails. Read on to learn more about the application.


Manage Signatures App is a ClickOnce application. To install the app, download it from this website. After you install the app, you can launch it from the Windows Start menu.

Learn more about the installation process

Who can use this application?

CodeTwo Admin Panel allows you to specify which users in your organization can access the Manage Signatures App to configure email signature rules. To delegate such permissions, you need to go to the CodeTwo Admin Panel, open the management page of your tenant by clicking the Manage tenant (ESIG for O365 settings button2 13px) button next to the tenant's name (on the Dashboard or Tenants tab) and select Manage Signatures App users from the navigation menu on the left (Fig. 1.)

ESIG 365 Manage Signatures App users page
Fig. 1. The Manage Signatures App users management page.

By default, the list of the Manage Signatures App users contains your organization's global administrators. Global admins cannot be removed to avoid situations when no one can access the Manage Signatures App.

If you plan to assign signature management tasks to non-admin users, make sure the App registrations options in Azure AD admin center or the Integrated Apps options in the Microsoft 365 admin center are temporarily set to the defaults, as described in this article.

You can add/remove individual users and groups.

  • If a user or group is on the list, they can launch the Manage Signatures App, log in, and manage all email signature rules. See our Quick guide to learn how to configure rules.
  • If a user/group is not on the list, they are not able to log in to the Manage Signatures App.

Nested groups

If you select a group that has other groups nested inside, the members of all these groups will have access to the Manage Signatures App.

User interface

This is the main window of the Manage Signatures App (Fig. 2.):

The Manage Signatures App.
Fig. 2. The Manage Signatures App.

The SIGNATURE RULES section shows all configured rules, divided into server-side and client-side (learn more about signature modes). The action buttons available in this section are used to:

  1. ESIG for O365 rule add 14px add a new rule,
  2. ESIG for O365 rule save save changes and submit them for processing on the CodeTwo Azure servers,
  3. ESIG for O365 rule move downESIG for O365 rule move up change the execution order of signature rules, 
  4. ESIG for O365 rule delete delete the selected rule, 
  5. ESIG 365 clone rule button clone the selected rule,
  6. ESIG for O365 rule switch enable/disable the selected rule.

Tabs are used to access various functions of the program that allow you to edit signature templates and configure signature rules:

The More (ESIG for O365 More button) button allows you to log out from the app, go to the CodeTwo Admin Panel to access settings related to your Office 365 tenant and subscription, and more.

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