Program's components

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 components can be divided into two groups - application interface components operated by the customer and services installed on Microsoft Azure servers and handled by CodeTwo.

Application interface:

User Panel

This is a completely web-based interface. From the User Panel, an admin can:

  • control the settings of multiple tenants,
  • launch the Admin Console,
  • change a payment method and purchase a subscription,
  • check the service status,
  • change the email address and other properties of the admin's account,
  • access user's manual and CodeTwo Support.

Admin Console

The Admin Console is a ClickOnce app which is used to manage signature rules and create signature templates via a built-in editor. CodeTwo User Panel account credentials are not required to access the program. Any global admin of an Office 365 tenant can use the Admin Console, as long as this tenant was registered in the CodeTwo User Panel first.


You can easily switch between the User Panel and the Admin Console.

  • To access the Admin Console for a selected tenant, click the Manage signatures (ESIG for O365 manage button 14px) button displayed next to your tenant name in the User Panel.
  • Use the Settings (ESIG for O365 settings button 14px) button in the upper right corner of the Admin Console window to switch to tenant management pages in the User Panel. You do not need User Panel account credentials to access these pages. Learn more

Custom Attributes Sync

The Custom Attributes Sync is a ClickOnce app that synchronizes custom Azure AD attributes to CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, in non-hybrid (cloud) environments. Learn more


CodeTwo Email Azure Service

The main engine of our software, deployed to Microsoft Azure servers and responsible for the processing of your rules and stamping emails with signatures and disclaimers.

Azure AD cache

Another CodeTwo service installed in Microsoft's data centers. The Azure AD cache holds a local copy of your Office 365 Active Directory properties to allow for instant resolving of AD placeholders without the need to constantly query your Active Directory. The service synchronizes this cache with the actual AD every 60 minutes. Learn more

Sent Items Update (SIU)

The SIU service is responsible for updating email copies in the Sent Items folder with the signatures that were added (by the program) to outgoing emails. Learn more on this feature and how to enable it in this article.

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