Installation and configuration

The software's engine runs entirely in the cloud. Email signatures can be added:

  • server-side (after an email is sent and passes through the CodeTwo Email Azure Service),
  • client-side (when a user types an email in Outlook on their desktop)
  • or in a combo mode (emails sent from Outlook get signatures when you compose a message; emails sent using other email clients get signatures after they are sent).

To start using automatic email signatures from CodeTwo, your Office 365 organization (tenant) needs to be registered to CodeTwo services. This is done by your Office 365 global administrator via a web-based component called CodeTwo Admin Panel. When the provisioning of our services is complete, then, depending on the signature mode, some additional configuration steps might be required. Finally, you need to install a ClickOnce application - the Manage Signatures App - to design signature templates and tell the software when they should be added.

Installation steps

Use the links below or the navigation menu on the left to learn about all the installation steps.

  1. Creating a CodeTwo Admin Panel account - log in to the program's Admin Panel using your Microsoft account or create a new CodeTwo Admin Panel account.
  2. Registering and configuring an Office 365 tenant - register your tenant in the program and choose your signature mode.
  3. Configuring SPF records (server-side or combo mode only) - configure SPF records at your domain registrar.
  4. Configuring Exchange Online connectors (server-side or combo mode only) - learn how to automatically or manually configure your Exchange Online connectors (specify users in your Office 365 whose emails will be processed by the CodeTwo Email Azure Service).
  5. Installing and launching the Manage Signatures App - install the Windows application that lets you manage signature rules and compose email signatures.
  6. Installing the CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook (client-side or combo mode only) - if you set the software to work in the client-side or combo mode, send these instructions to users who should get CodeTwo signatures directly in Outlook
  7. Installing the signature preview add-in (optional; server-side or combo mode only) - learn how to install our Outlook Web Add-in that allows you to preview signatures as you compose emails in Outlook and OWA.

If your organization uses additional mail relay services (smart hosts), see these guidelines to learn about the recommended configuration.

Uninstalling the software

If you would like to remove the software, visit this article.

Impact of the software on your IT infrastructure

During the installation and configuration of the program, CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 makes the following changes to your system:

Changes to operating system

Manage Signatures App – the application lets you install the required .NET 4.7.1 Framework if it's not already installed.

CodeTwo Signatures Add-in for Outlook – the application lets you install the required .NET 4.7.1 Framework if it's not already installed.

Changes to Office 365 (Exchange Online)

After registering your Office 365 tenant in CodeTwo Admin Panel, a new accepted domain is automatically added to your Office 365 tenant: [your unique ID]

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