Email signature design

To compose email signatures, go to the Design tab of the Manage Signatures App (Fig. 1.). This is where various design-related settings are available. You can:

  • Choose how signatures should be added in the correspondence - this drop-down menu allows you to manage how messages appear in conversations (for example, you can apply a different signature in the first email and different in subsequent emails). Learn more
  • Edit signature - this button launches CodeTwo Editor; with this tool you can create and edit signatures, banners and other email sections. Learn more
  • Load template - this button opens Template Library with predefined signatures, banners, etc. Learn more
  • Convert Plain Text emails to HTML - select this checkbox if you want the program to automatically convert Plain Text emails to HTML so that HTML signatures are added. HTML signatures are the most customizable; this option is also useful if people in your organization send emails in Plain Text (e.g. from mobile devices).

ESIG for O365 Design tab
Fig. 1. The Design tab.

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