Manage Signatures App users

CodeTwo Admin Panel allows you to specify which users in your organization can access the Manage Signatures App to configure email signature rules. To delegate such permissions, you need to open the management page of your tenant by clicking the Manage tenant (ESIG for O365 settings button2 13px) button next to the tenant's name (on the Dashboard or Tenants tab) and selecting Manage Signatures App users from the navigation menu on the left (Fig. 1.)

ESIG 365 Manage Signatures App users
Fig. 1. The Manage Signatures App users management page.

By default, the list of the Manage Signatures App users contains your organization's global administrators. Global admins cannot be removed to avoid situations when no one can access the Manage Signatures App.

You can add/remove individual users or groups:

  • If a user or group is on the list, they can launch the Manage Signatures App, log in, and manage all email signature rules. See our Quick guide to learn how to configure rules.
  • If a user/group is not on the list, they are not able to log in to the Manage Signatures App (Fig. 2.).

ESIG 365 Manage Signatures App unauthorized access
Fig. 2. Only authorized users can access the Manage Signatures App.

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