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CodeTwo Public Folders

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CodeTwo Public Folders


The majority of Microsoft Outlook users does not know how to sync Outlook calendar between different machines. It's not surprising since there is no way to do it using just Outlook - you need to use additional software for that. Large companies that use Microsoft Exchange Server allow their users to sync Outlook between their computers. Exchange Server is, unfortunately, a pricy solution and most enterprises (especially medium or small ones) cannot afford it.

If you are looking for a less costly tool to sync Outlook between you and your colleagues or family members, you can try CodeTwo Public Folders.

  • CodeTwo Public Folders is smart Microsoft Outlook add-in which has been designed to sync Outlook and mimic Exchange Server or Gmail syncing tools but has the following advantages:
  • Is a low-cost solution
  • Does not need special hardware or server dedicated software
  • Does not require a hosting company or administrator
  • Is very simple to use and can be taught in less than 10 minutes
  • Seamlessly integrates with Outlook and lets you sync Outlook calendar, contacts and other Outlook items in real time
  • Here is what CodeTwo Public Folders can do:
  • Sync Outlook 2003 calendar
  • Sync Outlook 2007 calendar
  • Sync Outlook 2010 calendar
  • Sync calendars and other items in mixed Outlook versions
  • Sync Outlook contacts
  • Sync Outlook items in real time between dozens of machines

To put it bluntly, CodeTwo Public Folders can sync all Outlook items automatically and in real-time. It means that whatever you do in a shared folder (modify, add or delete items), all changes will be immediately visible on other machines. Apart from calendars, you can share documents, tasks, email, notes, contacts, address books and files of any kind.

Watch a short tutorial video to see what the program is capable of.

Download a fully function free trial of CodeTwo Public Folders today and test it in your environment for 30 days. Note! CodeTwo Public Folders free trial can be extended to additional 30 days when you follow these instructions.

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