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Terms and Conditions of Technical Support

Last updated: 2017-03-31


  1. Terms of Support: the present Terms and Conditions of Technical Support.

  2. Manufacturer: CodeTwo Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. seated in Jelenia Góra, ul. Wolności 16, 58-500 Jelenia Góra, Poland, entered in the register of entrepreneurs under KRS number 0000438398, whose registration records are kept by the District Court for Wrocław - Fabryczna in Wrocław, VAT ID: PL6112622141, email address: .

  3. Product: exclusively the Commercial Software in the meaning of the CodeTwo’s Terms and Conditions of Sales and Services, for which the Manufacturer offers Technical Support.

  4. Unless otherwise provided in these Terms of Support, terms written with a capital letter shall be interpreted in accordance with their definitions given in the CodeTwo’s Terms and Conditions of Sales and Services.

General terms and conditions

  1. The Terms of Support govern the principles of and procedure for provision of the Technical Support service for the Products granted by the Manufacturer in accordance with the respective Support Contracts concluded by the Manufacturer. Technical Support is always provided with reference to one Product version selected by the User.

  2. Technical Support is provided solely for licensed Products (i.e. when a Client has an active Product License Key or when the Product is activated from within a Manufacturer’s website) with a valid Support Contract.

  3. Technical Support offered by the Manufacturer constitutes limited support pertaining to the maintenance and use of the Products. Under the Technical Support, the Manufacturer in principle provides responses to questions asked by Users concerning the features of Products, and helps to resolve problems reported by Users that occur while using the Products.

  4. The Support Contract concerning Technical Support services is a due diligence contract concerning actions to be undertaken within the framework specified by the Terms of Support, and it is not a contract ensuring the attainment of any specific result. In particular, the Manufacturer does not guarantee that Technical Support shall satisfy the requirements or expectations of Users. At the same time, because of the limited guarantee for Commercial Software, the Manufacturer does not guarantee that in consequence of the provision of Technical Support by the Manufacturer, the Product shall operate uninterruptedly, shall be free of operational errors and irregularities, or that Technical Support for the Product shall lead to the elimination of all such errors and irregularities.

  5. In principle, the Manufacturer provides two forms of Technical Support: Email Support and Live Support, implemented in accordance with the Terms of Support. Technical Support in the form of 'Email Support' shall consist in the User communicating with the Manufacturer by email, using the email address indicated by the Manufacturer. Technical Support in the form of 'Live Support' shall consist in the User communicating with the Manufacturer in real time, by means of a telephone, live chat, or an online session made available by the Manufacturer.

  6. The hours of availability of Technical Support in the form of 'Live Support' shall be published systematically on the Manufacturer’s Websites. In principle, 'Live Support' assistance shall be available round-the-clock on normal business days.

  7. The Manufacturer does not ensure their own means of communication for the purposes of contacts with Users. Contacts between the Manufacturer and Users, both phone-based and using electronic means of communication, take place using services made commonly available by external network operators. In connection therewith the Manufacturer does not ensure that access to the offered means of communication shall be uninterrupted, and shall not be held responsible for any interruptions in phone calls or electronic communication caused by reasons independent of the Manufacturer, or by ones that could not be avoided without incurring additional costs. In particular, this applies to interruptions and disruptions in the proper functioning of external telecommunication connections and equipment. Standard rates as set by network operators shall apply to all phone calls made to contact numbers made available by the Manufacturer.

Implementation of Technical Support

  1. The tools for and methods of implementation of Technical Support shall be chosen solely by the Manufacturer, depending on the assessment of a reported issue. The User cannot demand the implementation of Technical Support according to a method or form selected thereby.

  2. Under Technical Support each contact on the part of the User that requires a response from the Manufacturer, in connection with a reported query or problem concerning a specific topic, is registered and opens a so-called Ticket, under which the history of implementation of Technical Support is noted for the reported query or problem. Successive queries or reports of the User concerning a different topic or problem may result in the opening of a new Ticket.

  3. The Manufacturer shall make every effort (but does not provide a guarantee) to ensure that contact with the User (first reaction to a reported query or problem) is established at the latest on the next business day following that on which the Ticket was opened. This does not mean, however, that the Ticket will be closed in this time.

  4. A registered (opened) Ticket shall be closed, irrespective of the number of contacts with the User necessary for this purpose, only after the User is provided with a response to his/her query, the reported problem is solved, or once it is determined that the reported problem cannot be solved and the appropriate clarifying information is provided to the User. A closed Ticket may be reopened if it becomes necessary for the Manufacturer to undertake further actions concerning the query or problem constituting the subject of the Ticket.

  5. The Manufacturer does not anticipate any limitations concerning the number of Tickets allocated to any given User.

Final provisions

  1. Any amendment to the Terms of Support shall carry the date of its entry into force. Entry into force of an amendment to the Terms of Support can occur only after its publication on the Manufacturer’s Websites. Amendments to the Terms of Support shall apply solely to Support Contracts for the provision of Technical Support, for which orders have been placed following the date of their entry into force. Amendments to the Terms of Support shall be ineffective with reference to orders placed before their entry into force.