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Buy technical support for Exchange Rules 2019

If you want to contact our technicians by email or phone, you need to order a one-year Support contract. The price for the Support contract depends on the number of licenses you have for the program and is shown in the table below. The Support contract expires after one year. Ordering the Support contract is not mandatory; however, it is recommended because of the following benefits:

What do I get with a valid Support contract?

Check support contract validity

Enter your product license key below to check your Support contract validity. If you have multiple product license keys for the same product, use just one of the keys.

Definition and benefits of Support contract continuity

The Support contract continuity means that you purchased a Support contract together with the product and extended its validity when required.

For example, if you purchased CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2019 together with a one-year Support contract, you meet the conditions of the Support contract continuity for 12 months since the time of your purchase. If you fail to renew the Support contract before it expires, you will not maintain the Support contract continuity and will lose the benefits of it.

If you maintain the Support contract continuity, you will get a free upgrade to a newer version of a given product (if it comes out) or a discount if you want to migrate to a similar CodeTwo product.

For example:

What is more, renewing a Support contract before it expires, entitles you to a Support contract discount (see Discounted price list in the table below).

If you wish to purchase Support contract separately or after your Support contract has expired, you lose the benefits of Support contract continuity and you have to buy the Support contract for a standard price, shown in the Standard price list column.

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