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CodeTwo Public Folders

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CodeTwo Public Folders

Have you ever wondered how a simple possibility of sharing Outlook calendar could influence your everyday work? Imagine how fast your entire team could cooperate, if you were able to keep common calendars in Outlook and work on them simultaneously without the need of informing your teammates about every appointment you're about to schedule. This simple group work improvement can be brought to you by CodeTwo Public Folders, a smart Microsoft Outlook extension which not only gives you the possibility of sharing Outlook calendar but also enables you to synchronize the entire Outlook folders tree with others in the office.

What is more, the program allows sharing Outlook calendars without the need of installing Exchange Server, which is a pricy and very complicated enterprise solution. CodeTwo Public Folders supports every Microsoft Outlook edition, bringing you the possibility of:

  • sharing outlook 2003 calendar together with the other Outlook 2003 tree elements;
  • sharing outlook 2007 calendar as well as the rest of its folders;
  • sharing outlook 2010 calendar along with its whole pst file.

Version 64-bit of Microsoft Outlook 2010 is also supported.

A very good example of how the possibility of sharing Outlook calendar can be used in the office is public resource booking. In this case, one of the public calendars can represent an important company resource, e.g. a company car. Every time a car is needed, an employee types this demand in the specified calendar in his or her Outlook window. The worker specifies exactly for how long the car is going to be used and for what purpose it is taken. The reservation is then visible on every PC connected to the network immediately after it is saved. There's no need to inform anyone by phone or send an email to all of your teammates. They already know the car is unavailable on specific time, as they can easily check it in their Outlook window. This simple possibility saves a lot of confusion and is only one of many examples how CodeTwo Public Folders can be used.

For more examples of application, go to the CodeTwo Public Folders web page. The trial version is fully functional for 30 days and you can download it for free from this website.

Download CodeTwo Public Folders free trial.

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