CodeTwo Public Folders

CodeTwo Public Folders

Share Outlook emails, contacts, calendars and tasks!

CodeTwo Public Folders

If you want to share Outlook calendar with others, you can do it by installing a Microsoft Outlook add-on called CodeTwo Public Folders. This small and smart application will let you share Outlook calendars with multiple users in the network automatically and in real time. The program mimics Exchange Server and can be used as its inexpensive alternative in small and medium companies.

  • With this program you can:
  • Share Outlook 2007 calendar without Exchange
  • Share Outlook 2010 calendar without Exchange
  • Share all Outlook items between different machines

The program is fast and easy-to-use. What is more, it does not require and server machine in your network. You can install it even in a small three-computer LAN office in 5 minutes. The installation is quick and straight-forward see short video tutorials to learn more.

Additionally, CodeTwo Public Folders works flawlessly in mixed Windows and Outlook environments. In other words, you can share Outlook 2007 calendar and share Outlook 2010 calendar with each other (even with Outlook 2003 and 2000) also irrespective of the Windows version. It saves a lot of money, since your company does not have to upgrade systems to achieve uniform environment.

If you share a number of different calendars and thus encounter problems comparing various appointments which occur at the same time, you can always use a built-in Outlook overlay calendar option.

By default the program works in a local network only to guarantee your data remains safe. However, you can also share Outlook calendars with other computers over the internet.

To sum up, CodeTwo Public Folders is a multi-task solution for all companies using Microsoft Outlook who do not want to buy expensive Exchange Server software. Sharing calendars in Outlook is just one of its abilities as it can let you share everything you can put to Outlook - even documents, mp3 files, photos and many more.

Download a free trial version and test it for 30 days in your environment. If you don't feel like buying the program after that, you can extend the trial period to additional 30 days.

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