CodeTwo Public Folders

CodeTwo Public Folders

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CodeTwo Public Folders

Sync Custom forms and views in Outlook

CodeTwo Public Folders allows you to keep a unified look of shared Outlook items within the entire office. The advanced synchronization settings of the program's Administration panel enable the synchronization of custom folder views and non-standard, user-defined forms.

Using the Outlook native customization options, the administrator or project manager can create a preferred customized view of a shared Outlook folder. The view of this item can then be applied to other computers during the data synchronization.

Enabling folder views and non-standard forms synchronization in Outlook.

Apart from folder views, CodeTwo Public Folders will also let you synchronize non-standard Outlook forms created in MS Outlook's built-in Design form tool. After publishing a custom item in the Outlook shared folders tree, it will be available for other users and synchronized with other PCs as well.

These two features altogether make CodeTwo Public Folders a highly flexible collaboration tool that can be fully adjusted to the needs of a given team or company.

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