Is this a demo or a full version?

This is a full version of CodeTwo Public Folders, which works for 30-days. Entering a license key activates the program – there is no need to reinstall it prior to activation.

If you want to test the program, download it and use it for 30-days with all functions. Once a trial period expires, the program will stop synchronizing Outlook and files, but your data will not be lost. Just order a license key whenever you want, activate the program, and enjoy sharing Outlook and files with others again.

If you are a licensed user and want to update the program or if you just need to perform a new installation, this is also what you are looking for. Just download the application and install it on your computers. If this is a new installation of the Syncing Master in the new environment, you will have to enter your license key and active the program once again.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.