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CodeTwo Public Folders

Share Outlook emails, contacts, calendars and tasks!

CodeTwo Public Folders

Ease of use

We strive to develop software as intuitive and as easy to use as possible. CodeTwo Public Folders has been designed to be administrated and used by literally anyone, anywhere. It requires no IT expertise, no administrators, servers and no additional hardware. You can start using it right of the bat after the installation, and resort to the configuration panel only if you need to tweak your settings.

It’s a snap

We wanted it to be a smart, install-and-forget program that improves your collaboration and the performance of your team. You will only need Windows computers (with or without Outlook) to share files across them. The program seamlessly taps into Outlook and Windows, and works in the background, which means you can focus on doing your job as opposed to having to mess around with the mechanics.

When you install the program, you will see an additional tree of folders in Outlook called C2PublicFolders. These are your public folders, which are visible on all of your computers. What is more, you will also get a File Sharing App that can be accessed from Outlook’s ribbon or the system tray.

Ease of use

Easy, self-running installation

We know that the initial configuration of any sync software might put off lots of users, especially if you have to implement it on multiple computers. This one is simple. The installation wizard will guide through the entire installation process, and the Quick Tour that pops up once the installation is finished will help you be up and running with the program in no time.

Ease of use

You don’t have to fiddle with any firewall or router settings, or change anything in your network preferences. Just install the program and start sharing Outlook and Windows files right away. If, for some reason, you get stuck during the setup, just ask for assistance – it’s free.

The program consists of two applications (that you will be asked to install after launching the installer): the Syncing Master and the Client Apps.

The Syncing Master is a brain of the entire synchronization (both of Outlook and Windows data). You must install it only on one of your computers.

The Client Apps must be installed on every machine that you want to sync up. It is divided into the Outlook Add-in that is responsible for communicating with the Syncing Master and enables sharing Outlook data in real time, and the File Sharing App, which will let you share files between computers.

Ease of use

Test the program in 5 minutes

To let you quickly test the program, you will be connected to the Demo Syncing Master right after the installation. Owing to this feature, you can install and test the program in 5 minutes without any configuration. Switching to your own Syncing Master afterward can be done with a few clicks.

Note that the Demo Syncing Master is publicly accessible and can be used for testing purposes only. Be aware that we clear the Demo Syncing Master's database every Friday.

Get assistance for free

Public Folders - ease of use 4You don’t have to do it alone – you can always ask for assistance. We’re ready to help you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


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