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Swisslog UK

Company description

Swisslog is a leading global provider of integrated solutions for logistics automation. Swisslog UK is the UK branch of the company.


"As a company we were decommissioning our Exchange servers and moving to a cloud e-mail solution which had no direct replacement for public folders. Public folders were used heavily in the UK for storing vital shared project and sales information.", says Keith Turrell, IT Systems Analyst at Swisslog.


Swisslog's specialists searched the internet for products that could offer a viable replacement for public folders. "After testing a few alternatives I found Code Two was the best for our needs.", says Keith Turrell. "I found CodeTwo Public Folders easy to install and to manage. It provided a very good replacement for our old Exchange public folder set up. The end users like the way it looks and works almost exactly the same as our old public folders in their Outlook.", he adds.


Company name:Swisslog UK
Number of employees:110 in the UK
Number of computers:40
Operating systems:Windows XP, Windows 7
Version of Outlook:2003, 2007, 2010
Problems:sharing Outlook information
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Public Folders
Installation type:40 users in the UK
Installation time:3 months

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