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SoundTrax Recording StudiosCustomer Case Study

SoundTrax Recording Studios

Company description

Recording studio in Raleigh, NC, concentrating on narration, sound design for video, broadcast production and music since 1976. Their client base ranges from local independent producers to medium to large local and regional companies and advertising agencies.


They had been struggling to update a custom-written contact database originally created in the mid-90s. The system was never designed to be shared over a network, so an elaborate series of batch files were used to copy fresh copies of the database to the various machines in the building. This meant only one instance of the database could be updated. That wasn't good, since they needed to be able to access and update the database both in their office and while working with their clients in the Edit Suites.

As we moved into the 2000s, Outlook became increasingly important as a communications tool. The owner of the studio (an ex-Exchange admin) knew SoundTrax wasn't big enough to support the expense and complexity of an Exchange server. But they still needed some way to share a database within the company.

They tried several other systems, but the burden they put on Outlook was unacceptable. Often Outlook was copying and sending files between systems at startup, and the application would hang, or worse, crash.


"I found CodeTwo through that old standby, Google. It seemed too good to be true." - said Tom Guild, the owner of the studio. "I was surprised to see an interface so simple in design. This is not simple software, but the user interface is elegant and makes sense. For all intents and purposes, it's like having an inexpensive and simple-to-maintain Exchange Server. Since our email is POP-based, we just need shared resources, like Calendar and Contacts. With CodeTwo Public Folders, we have exactly that".

According to Tom Guild, CodeTwo Public Folders let him not worry about (one aspect of) their IT infrastructure and finally focus on what he really loves – sound. "CodeTwo Public Folders does exactly what it needs to, without getting in the way. That's a rarity in software design, but these guys have done it."


Company name:SoundTrax Recording Studios
Number of employees:5
Number of computers:4
Operating systems:Windows XP Home, Windows Server 2000, Windows 7
Version of Outlook:2003, 2007
Problems:Sharing contacts database within the company without Exchange Server
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Public Folders
Installation type:4 computers
Installation time:2 hours

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