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Poznan Opera TheatreCustomer Case Study

Poznan Opera Theatre

Company description

Poznan Opera Theatre was created in 1910 and is also known as the Grand Theatre. The company is located in Poznan, central Europe.


Currently the Grand Theatre employs 400 people, 22 of which use Microsoft Outlook on a daily basis to organize and follow their agenda in customer support office, and to send and receive emails. The company has been looking for a solution to exchange Outlook folders' data between various computers. They especially needed to:

  • sync Outlook calendar entries to keep an eye on other workers schedules
  • share emails and contacts with each other to create a common database.

Exchange Server was simply too expensive just for 22 workstations and that's why the company resort to using a competitive, cost effective solution.


Jakub Szewczyk, IT Specialist of Poznan Opera Theatre, quickly found CodeTwo Public Folders in the internet as it was the only Outlook collaboration software also supporting a Polish language. Later on, he discovered more advantages this program offers. "Low system requirements, no Exchange Server needed and a clear user's interface were the three main things that initially caught my attention" – Szewczyk said. "The ease of use and implementation surprised all of us here at Poznan Opera Theatre. Also, the program was able to address all Outlook sharing issues my users reported prior to installing CodeTwo Public Folders".


Company name:Poznan Opera Theatre
Number of employees:400
Number of computers:22
Operating systems:Windows 7, XP
Version of Outlook:2007, 2010
Problems:Outlook calendars and contacts synchronization, sharing Outlook emails.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Public Folders
Installation type:22 PCs
Installation time:2 hours

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