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Inglese Architecture & EngineeringCustomer Case Study

Inglese Architecture & Engineering

Company description

Inglese Architecture & Engineering is a full-service architectural and engineering company providing a wide range of services in housing design, as well as civil, mechanical and electrical engineering and consulting. The company is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey area.


With over a dozen of PCs in the office, Inglese Architecture & Engineering faced the problem of sharing Outlook calendars and contacts between team members as well as keeping a common, synchronized contact list that could be easily updated from any PC in the office. The main case was how to coordinate meetings, projects or even long-term development plans without knowing what particular people are currently up to. Additionally, as time went on, the synchronization of growing list of contacts in Outlook became a huge dilemma for Inglese Architecture & Engineering.

“Not knowing where a particular member of our firm was at a given time, whether it be out on a job site, at a job meeting, or simply on vacation, became much more hindering as our company has grown. “, says Anthony DAgosta, Inglese Architecture & Engineering principal. “Also, having a unified, updated contact list throughout the office was a growing problem “, he adds.


After trying several solutions, Inglese Architecture & Engineering came across CodeTwo Public Folders and were surprised by how easily the program was to install and implement. Within minutes they had already a few workstations synced with each other that started exchanging data in Outlook. The program quickly solved the problem of viewing other users’ schedules and keeping a common company contact list in Outlook and at the same time improved the work efficiency and inter-communication of the entire team. “One of the best features about CodeTwo Public Folders is that the updates are done in real-time. Once an employee made a change to the office calendar/contact list everyone else in the office was immediately updated.” , says Anthony DAgosta from Inglese Architecture & Engineering.

Inglese Architecture & Engineering now use CodeTwo Public Folders to:

  • Keep a common office calendar for checking on other team members availability
  • Keep a clean and unified company-wide contact list that is instantly updated by every person in the office
  • To schedule vacation times of employees so that they don’t overlap with one another
  • Share customers’ inquiries with the office manager


Company name:Inglese Architecture & Engineering
Number of employees:12-14
Number of computers:12
Operating systems:Windows XP, Windows 7
Version of Outlook:2003, 2007, 2010
Problems:sharing calendars, contacts and email
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Public Folders
Installation type:Company-wide
Installation time:15 minutes

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