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Hephzibah Children's HomeCustomer Case Study

Hephzibah Children's Home

Company description

Hephzibah Children's Home, established in 1900, as its primary mission, provides holistic residential care and therapeutic services for displaced, orphaned, and at-risk children and youth.


The need arose to replace their aging, and full, Windows NT4 Server running Exchange 5. Being a non-profit, donation supported organization, the cost of additional hardware, new software, and ongoing Exchange support put new Exchange Server outside of their budgetary limitations. While Exchange filled the need, they desired a lower cost, and easier to maintain system. CodeTwo Public Folders seemed to do what Exchange did for their organization, using their existing hardware and requires very little management overhead.


Michael Horwood, IT administrator of Hephzibah Children’s Home, said they found CodeTwo Public Folders "reading internet blogs, and searching the web for an alternative to Exchange". "The positive feedback from existing CodeTwo users prompted us to install the trial version to test drive the software. It was easy to see that we could avoid replacing our Exchange Server, and move to CodeTwo Public Folders for our shared calendars and contacts lists. And as a bonus, get file sharing inside Outlook!", Horwood said. "CodeTwo Public Folders took little time to install, and is very intuitive to set up. Sharing of user calendars is nearly seamless. Since cost is the driving factor for donation based organizations, CodeTwo Public Folders eliminated the need to buy additional hardware and software and its ease of maintenance keeps our cost of ownership low. For us it fills the need. We use shared calendars to schedule our recreation facility resources, co-ordinate volunteer worker schedules, allow shared access to our church relations directors schedule, counselor scheduling, residents birthdays, employee vacations, and countless other tasks."


Company name:Hephzibah Children's Home
Number of employees:35 + volunteers
Number of computers:around 50
Operating systems:Windows XP, Server 2008, Terminal Server
Version of Outlook:A mixed bag of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007
Problems:Exchange Server cost-effective alternative, sharing calendars, schedules, tasks.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Public Folders
Installation type:Approximately 10 XP workstations and 25 users on Terminal Server 2008, as well as traveling public relations personnel.
Installation time:15 minutes

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