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Beko Basketball BundesligaCustomer Case Study

Beko Basketball Bundesliga

Company description

Beko Basketball Bundesliga GmbH (Beko BBL) was founded in 1996 and since then it has been organizing first league basketball games for all professional basketball teams in Germany. Learn more on


All Beko BBL employees use Microsoft Outlook and fully cooperate with each other on different projects, and therefore sharing contacts, emails and calendar appointments in their team is indispensable. Prior to using CodeTwo Public Folders, it was an arduous job to exchange all of this info inside Outlook. The company had been looking for a solution that would mimic Exchange Server for a fraction of its price, and that would not require any further maintenance.


Felix Kaiser, Marketing Assistant of Beko Basketball Bundesliga, found CodeTwo Public Folders, which seemed to live up to their expectations. "The program makes a good impression as the installation is very straightforward and the program taps in Outlook with no glitches whatsoever" – said Kaiser. "CodeTwo Public Folders is very intuitive and, what’s the most important for us, it shares Outlook data between different versions of Windows and Outlook. Additionally, using the program is exactly the same as using Outlook so we currently gained additional sharing capabilities and it is all just a breeze. Sharing contacts and email as well as synchronizing personal folders have facilitated our team projects significantly. Emails that should be seen by many employees finally don’t have to be forwarded over and over again – they are now available in a public folder and anyone from our company can access them and reply to them if necessary. Public resource booking (e.g. conference room availability/booking) has become easier and much clearer now thanks to a common Outlook calendar. All in all, CodeTwo Public Folders has simplified and facilitated a lot of procedures and has also saved us heaps of time."


Company name:Beko Basketball Bundesliga
Number of employees:13
Number of computers:13
Operating systems:Windows 7, Windows XP
Version of Outlook:2003, 2007, 2010
Problems:sharing calendars, contacts, email, public resource availability
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Public Folders
Installation type:company-wide
Installation time:2 hours

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