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Bruce Watson

CodeTwo Outlook Sync is invaluable for a small business because I can use my laptop out on the job and having automatically synch. with the office desktop computer. It is the ease of setting up and use of CodeTwo Outlook Sync. That attracted me. I haven't been disappointed.

Bruce Watson, Heads Together, Australia

Craig Penn

This is a wonderful program. It works very quickly. It installs easily. It automatically locates necessary files. There is no need to exit Outlook when synchronizing computers. I've been searching for Code Two Outlook Sync for ten years! Code Two Outlook Sync is extremely accurate. Synchronize with confidence.

Craig Penn, Penn & Associates LLP, United States

Efthimios Spiridopoulos

Great solution that offers exactly what it promises: Clean cut sync between Outlook folders, lighting fast data exchange. In few words, great value for money. Having tried several similar solutions, I would love CodeTwo to add some additional features such as categories filtering that would make Outlook Sync an unsurpassed solution.

Efthimios Spiridopoulos, Business Cost Management (BCM), Greece

Andrey Samsonov

Outlook Sync is the only working and flawless solution on the market that allowed me to synchronize Outlook data between my main PC and my laptop that works within the local network environment! Autosync option is awesome! It looks really magic when I change data on either one of my machines and it gets updated on the other in real time! When my partners seek a similar solution, I always recommend CodeTwo and there are several friends of mine who are now happy with this solution just like me. Maybe I should become a retailer!? As what works for me, works for others!

Andrey Samsonov, Silicon Line Ltd., United States

Mike Cranny

We are a small business but highly efficient business offer compliance support to insurance Brokers throughout the UK. We conduct most of our work by email and these are needed as a record by our clients.
It is essential we can file and find everything quickly. We all share the same calendar and to-do lists.

Thanks to Code Two we have developed our business rapidly and have several thousand email folders. As we are often working at the same time on the same project, synchronisation is essential and Ciode two has never let us down. It is essential software.

Mike Cranny, Create Solutions, United Kingdom

Colin Barnes

When my clients asked me how they could share Outlook folders, I used to get that sinking feeling.
I'd tried other programs but found them all really clunky. Then I discovered CodeTwo's Outlook Sync.
Now I get the Sync'ing feeling ... but not that sinking feeling.

Colin Barnes, Netluca PC, United States

Tania Sperling

Hi folks, CodeTwo Outlook sync is exactly what I was looking for. I used to work with CodeTwo Public folders but if you want to organise only your own inbox and the syncronization with the laptop is the key feature, Outlook Sync is the much better Tool! Now I have all my emails, contacts and calenders on my desktop PC and syncronized with my laptop - so it doesn't matter if I answer emails on the one or the other machine. It's easy to use, the performance is o.k., even with big .pst files and so far it works perfect. Conclusion: Best invested $ 59 this year!

Tania Sperling, Imc Marketing & Consult GmbH, Germany

Claude Bookout

I am very satisfied with the way CodeTwo Outlook Sync is helping me. Keep up the good work!

Claude Bookout, United International Investigations, United States

Peter Lukic

After reading about your software and seeing the youtube instructional guide (which was the clincher in terms of me buying this software, a brilliant idea) I have decided that I need to have it.

Peter Lukic, Campbellfield, Australia

Ania Krysztofiak

I recently bought my first laptop for times when I go to uni or work, but I was still planning on using my PC at home. I wanted to be able to check my emails at home and away from home, and spent hours testing out various solutions. Being a student, I can't often justify buying software, and I usually settle for freeware or shareware. But in this case, CodeTwo Outlook Sync was exactly what I needed, so the money was well worth it. And then when I found out the company was based in my native Poland - that was just a bonus!

Ania Krysztofiak

Amy Ewald

I downloaded and started testing Outlook Sync between my home laptop and my work laptop. Since I would like to keep one calendar between both laptops, my Blackberry and iPhone, this seemed like a great option. I installed it on each system and when I was home connected to my wireless network with both systems. They synced my calendar without a problem!! Now I have 1 calendar in four places synchronized!!! It is awesome. I highly recommend this product!

Amy Ewald, Team, United Kingdom

Gary Bornholt

I am currently evaluating CodeTwo Outlook Sync. I have spent many weeks trying to find a suitable program to sync my laptop and PC with Win7 and Outlook 2010. None have been suitable and almost all lack any form of reasonable support service. […] So far this is a seamless and excellent program. It works perfectly and I highly recommend it.

Gary Bornholt

Frank Antonucci

I've been a Outlook user for nearly 10 years. Introduced to it when I worked with USA TODAY, I bought MS Outlook for my personal use. I am addicted to it.

Your group of freeware add-ons look impressive. Hats off to your guys for their creativity.

Frank Antonucci, NeuroLogic Health, United States

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