CodeTwo Out of Office Manager

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager

Centrally manage users' automatic replies on Exchange or Office 365

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager

Customer Case Study
Taubman Case Study: Taubman

Company description 
Taubman was founded by A. Alfred Taubman in 1950 and it is known for its focus on dominant retail malls with the highest average sales productivity in the nation. The company is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, with the Taubman Asia subsidiary based in Hong Kong.

Inability to centrally alter users' Out of Office messages.

Taubman has already been using CodeTwo Active Directory Photos and one day they got an email advertising CodeTwo Out of Office Manager. "Very handy tool, makes an admin’s life a lot easier. It allowed us to manipulate Out of Office messages without having to go into the user's mailbox or machine." - said Marko J. Sertic, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Taubman.

Company name:Taubman
Number of employees:1,230
Number of emails processed every day:unknown
Server type:Windows Server 2008 R2
Number of servers:1

Inability to alter Out of Office messages.

Solution/Product:CodeTwo Out of Office Manager
Installation type:1230 mailboxes
Installation time:very quick