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Using CodeTwo software with Click-to-Run versions of Microsoft Outlook


You are not able to install CodeTwo software and you receive the following error message:

Outlook not detected


No supported version of Microsoft Outlook detected. Install Microsoft Outlook and retry.

even though MS Outlook is installed on your machine.


First of all, please check if your system configuration is supported - you can do that on the download website of your CodeTwo product, in the requirements section.

Secondly, be aware that some of the Click-to-Run versions of Microsoft Outlook may not work with certain CodeTwo programs. Click-to-Run versions of Outlook do not support many add-ins. This is a known issue recognized and described by Microsoft (see this Microsoft Support article to learn more). If you experience problems with CodeTwo software on a machine with Microsoft Outlook Click-to-Run, try installing a full version of MS Outlook instead. You can follow the steps from this Microsoft website or contact Microsoft to get the MSI installer for your MS Office license.