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How to use multi-line notes in signatures and disclaimers


How to use multi-line notes from Active Directory in your signatures and disclaimers. Such fields may be used to present your opening hours and many more.


On the Exchange Server simply open Active Directory Users and Computers tool, then navigate to the user you want to add notes. In our example it will be User1. Please right click on user, and then select Properties. Once the window appears, switch to the tab named "Telephones". On bottom you can find Notes field. Please fill it in with any desired information.

Fig. 1. User's properties in Active Directory with highlighted Notes section.

Then in CodeTwo software you may add the Notes placeholder in any place of your signature. After updating your rules, all lines from the Notes section will be appear in the footer, maintaining proper line breaks. Please see the result in the picture below:

Fig. 2. Notes field in footer.

Please keep in mind that CodeTwo software caches Active Directory data to reduce impact on the server performance. To see the changes immediately, you need to restart CodeTwo services (and MS Exchange Transport for older products).

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