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How to troubleshoot CodeTwo Outlook Sync


You are experiencing issues with CodeTwo Outlook Sync.


CodeTwo Outlook Sync is a freeware and we do not provide technical support for this software. You can find general information about the tool and a setup guide on the program’s homepage. We have also prepared a number of Knowledge Base articles and a helpful User’s manual that you can use to examine the program on your own and get it running as soon as possible.


When setting up CodeTwo Outlook Sync in your environment, make sure that you:

  • use the latest version of our program on both machines (you can download it here),
  • configure the program according to the steps from this KB article,
  • follow the steps from this KB article in case of connectivity issues.

We hope that CodeTwo Outlook Sync will meet your needs. If you need to synchronize more than two Outlook instances, you may want to consider using CodeTwo Exchange Sync. This program allows you to automatically synchronize Microsoft Exchange Server folders to create group calendars and other shared folders. It also helps you sync iPhones, iPads and Android based-devices with Exchange public folders. CodeTwo Exchange Sync requires an Exchange server to work.

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